We recently updated AntiqueMalls.com taking it out of BETA phase and bringing it into full functionality both for our antique enthusiasts and mall owners.  One of the new features is the new AntiqueMalls.com blog which we will be updating from time to time to let you know about happenings around the office and new website features.  Here are a few of cool new features you will find on our site:

For Antique Enthusiasts:

  • More malls to choose from across the country

  • Ability to adjust your route by dragging on the Plan a Trip feature

  • View stores outside selected city on Find a Store feature

For Mall Owners:

  • Customized packages to fit your individual advertising needs including:

    • advertisements on EstateSales.NET

    • priority listing

    • web hosting through Vintage Software

    • link to your mall’s website

    • additional contact information

    • different colored balloons to make your mall stand out

  • Company pages that include detailed information about your mall

We hope these features make our site easier for you to use!  We are constantly trying to come up with new features that will make our site better for our customers.  Let us know what you think of the new site.  Enjoy!