2011 has been a very big year for AntiqueMalls.com.  We have hired four new employees (two computer programmers, one marketing associate, and one customer service representative).  We have also completed a major update of AntiqueMalls.com making it much more functional for customers and mall owners alike.  With all of these changes and growth occurring, it was time to look for a new, larger space.  

In September, we bid our home of a little over a year on North Missouri Street in Jackson, Missouri goodbye and moved across town to South High Street where we settled into the upper part of the Andrew Jackson building.  Nearly triple in size, it certainly was a positive adjustment for us all.

Our new office, built in 1895, was formerly a law office and an apartment so it took some work to turn it into a workable office space.  One advantage to working in a former living space is the large kitchen.  We’ve already taken advantage by having chili day and chicken quesadilla day.  We have searched local antique malls and estate sales to furnish our new space with antiques and old signage (it’s only appropriate right?).

We are looking forward to the surprises and adventures awaiting us in 2012!