Faces of Antique Malls - Micky

Hi, I'm Micky. I help run Vintage Software along with my wife and parents. We are doing a little series on the blog here to let everyone know who all is behind the scenes here at AntiqueMalls.com. I guess I'll come out of the cave for a little bit and be the first one to go!

I'm originally from Tennessee, but now call Missouri home with my wife, Courtney, and our two boys. I'm a programmer and developed the first version of AntiqueMalls.com three years ago. It has been worked on by several other folks since then and has been greatly improved. (You'll hear from them in the next few weeks.) I've been programming for about 15 years and have loved every minute of it.

My favorite feature on the site is the trip planner. Courtney and I often visit antique malls when we travel. The trip planner lets us easily find malls to visit. I'm always looking for a new (old) sign for my office. Courtney is always looking for old crock bowls. Other than programming, I really enjoy woodworking and playing "old-school" video games with my kids.

Marty at an Antique Store

I guess that's about it. Oh, here's a random question: What's your favorite 80's movie? Mine is Back to the Future. I believe Marty visits an antique store in one of them right?