Hey! I’m Lillian, the graphic designer at Vintage Software. I started working here in May of 2010, and it has been a blast working for this company!

I’ve lived in Cape Girardeau, Missouri most of my life, but before that I lived in Lincoln, Nebraska. I was a huge Cornhuskers fan back in the day. I’m currently a student at Southeast Missouri State University working on a BFA in Graphic Design. During the semester I enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, and (soon) weaving. When I am on break, I also spend time practicing guitar, playing video games, and going to the shooting range. I also love to travel and learn different languages.

Many things have appeared in my office lately, including Sir Cuts-A-Lot. He’s a tin suit of armor we picked up at an antique mall. He adds quite a bit of character to the place. We have all sorts of interesting things here at the office. I must admit, I haven’t been to many antique malls around the area, but I love exploring the local antique and craft shops in downtown Cape.

Random Question: Who is a famous person that shares your birthday?

Buddy Holly