Hi, I'm Steve. I am one of the programmers here at Vintage. When you leave feedback about what features you would like to see on AntiqueMalls.com, I'm part of the team that tries to make those ideas a reality.

In 2010 I graduated from college with a B.S. in computer science. Three days after graduating I started working for Vintage as an intern and came aboard full time shortly thereafter. The atmosphere at Vintage Software, a small but rapidly growing business, makes working here very exciting. In addition to working at Vintage Software I am also a full time student. I am expecting to graduate with an M.S. in computer science this December. When I'm not working or studying I enjoy watching movies, playing video games, and reading.

In programming AntiqueMalls.com, I have been surprised by the number of antique malls there are throughout the country. Using the trip planning feature on the site to plan a 100 mile trip from work to my hometown of St. Louis, MO shows 39 malls along the route and around the St. Louis area. I have lived in this area my entire life and never knew there were so many antique malls!