My name is Cassidie and I have been working as a programming intern since May 2011.  I really enjoy working for Vintage Software because I have a great boss and awesome co-workers!  How often do you hear of someone actually enjoying work?  I look forward to finishing my Computer Information Systems degree at Southeast Missouri State University shortly so I can become a full time employee.

I like riding bikes and taking long walks on the beach--just kidding!  I like video games (Mortal Kombat is the best!) and online karaoke.  I enjoy learning languages.  I currently speak English and Spanish.  I hope to add a few more to my repertoire (See? I'm already starting!).  Also, I have to say I'm a pretty big cat lover, but I'm married, so I can't be called the "Crazy Cat Lady."  Food is good, too.  I love beef jerky and being that I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Skyline is the best chili around!