Hello there!  My name is Robert and I'm the newest addition to the Vintage Software Customer Support staff.  I moved to Cape Girardeau two years ago to be with my lovely girlfriend and I've started working on my Baccalaureate in computer sciences at Southeast Missouri State University this spring semester.

I've spent lots of time pursuing endeavors in creative writing and music, which is in polar opposition to my chosen career field.  I have been in and around the St. Francois county local music community for some time until I started to lose interest and move my priorities elsewhere.

When I'm not in classes or here at work, I'm usually with family in Farmington or at home buzzing about with weekend tasks.  I try to play a little Skyrim when I can.

Working in the offices here at Vintage Software has honestly been the best employement experience of my life.  I've worked at two different "service provider" call centers, two independent coffee shops, and a few grocery stores, and none of the facilities, employers, or overall atmosphere in any of those places comes close to the level of contentedness I feel here.