Hi, I'm Dot.  I'm Dan's wife and Micky's mom.  I was raised in the Pacific Northwest, but have lived most of my life in the South.  I have been a collector of things most of my life.  I started out collecting rocks and stamps as long back as I can remember--and believe it or not, I still collect both of these things!  You know how one thing leads to another...When I was in the fifth grade, we had pen pals with our sister city in Japan.  Would you believe I still have all of her letters (we corresponded for two years) and the present she had sent me back in 1967?  Whenever I am in an antique mall I love to look for ephemera.  I have found love letters from a soldier in WWII and older Western Union notes.  I LOVE IT!

I have collections of books as well since I'm a big reader.  I have found some great buys on up-to-date books at antique malls and of course ones I've been looking a long time for, but haven't found anywhere else.

The world of collecting stamps brought me to collecting First Day Covers...which brought me to wanting to create my own First Day Covers...which brought me to collecting and using rubber stamps...which brought me to carving my own stamps!  So I do create my own First Day Covers now, but also collect ones that interest me whenever I see them at the local antique mall.

Dan and I love the color green, so naturally I had to have some forest green dishes.  Now, I don't know the exact name of them, but I am always thrilled when I see pieces I am missing at the mall!  In fact, this past November I found a forest green punch bowl which we got to use at our employees' Christmas party here at Vintage Software.

And I guess you could have guessed that I collect postcards too.  Dan and I live in the old Post Office building in Frohna and were lucky enough to have purchased the letter sorter from the building at a local auction a few years back.  Notice that it's about filled...

I love being a part of Vintage Software and being able to work side by side with our son and my husband.  We have some pretty amazing employees too!  Just remember...one thing leads to another!